Master of Computer Application

Program Code
Postgraduate Program
Computer Science & Engineering/ MCA
Head of Department
Dr. Deepak Arya
Master of Computer Application
3 years
The Master of Computer Application Department has an Advanced Software Development center for in-house software development. This center is equipped with various software on different platforms.

The purpose of this center is to provide real working environment to the students during software development and project completion. The center also accepts the consultancy for System Development, Project Preparation, Project Implementation, and Feasibility Analysis. Our software development center has trained manpower as groups of faculty and brilliant students. Besides these, the department is poised for actively conducting industry and application oriented research in various areas. Some of them are Algorithms Design, Neural Network, Multi-Processing, Theory of Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Graphics and Visualization, Performance Modeling, Software Engineering, Mobile Computing etc.

Rit offers MCA degree with specialization certification programme. The programme prepares the student according to the industrial requirement. During the four-year programme, students get the specializations in the area of their interest and the requirement of the market for the placements. The certification is offered in the following areas-

MCA with Apple iOS certification including objective C & Swift Certification
MCA with Cyber Security Certification
MCA with Microsoft Edu-Cloud Certification
MCA with Android Application Development Certification
MCA with Web Based Technology Certification
MCA with Data Analytics Certification
MCA with Web Designing and Development Certification
MCA with Software Development Certification
MCA with Internet of Things (IOT) Certification

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